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bartlett lake

21 Mar

for spring break i went to bartlett lake. about a hour drive from phoenix. the lake actually wasn’t packed with people. there were different coves that resembled a beach where we layed out our towels and bronzed in the sun. we packed a lunch and brought some tunes of course. driving to and from the cove, wildflowers blanketed the side of the highway. there are safety pullouts where drivers can stop to photograph the flowers (we spotted several professional looking cameras and even saw a mini photoshoot on the side of the highway). i captured the above images with my beloved cannon digy.

disclaimer: beware of cacti. i stepped on one and it was not pleasant. ouch.




new drake

19 Mar

“Fall For Your Type”

LA-LA-LOVE this verse by Drake.

check it out here: Fall For Your Type

plus some extra info about the up and coming “thank me later” album here.

>>There is a Kanye West–produced track on the album that comes with a story. The track was made by Kanye for Beyonce, but Drake really wanted it so he wrote her a handwritten letter asking if he could use it. She read it and thought it was sweet and e–mailed him to give her permission. It’s a great track.<<

can’t wait!!

thanks to RR for the link :)



windows of opportunity

3 Mar

materials: acrylic on canvas

for: erick, my brother



shake your tailfeather

2 Mar

i’ve been wanting to do a peacock piece for the longest time (i ❤ peacocks and what they symbolize).

i special ordered a giant pack of peacock feathers from CHINA months ago to use them specifically for this piece and i’m very happy to say it’s complete!

here is my process:

step 1: base color

step 2: peacock!

step 3: prep feathers

step 4: painted feathers

completed piece

materials: wooden plate, acrylic, peacock feathers




2 Mar

here’s something i whipped up in umm…15 minutes.

started with my nails…minty green.

added some cheetah print (i ❤ cheetah print)…rawrrr.

and translated it to this:

size: 11×14

materials: acrylic on canvas and nail polish on finger nails : )



waiting for “the call”

1 Mar

public art. the world would be so blah without it. sometimes, you may not even notice it’s there. phoenix has actually become pretty big on public art incorporating pieces in pedestrian bridges, parks, tunnels, even transit stops. artists have the gift of creativity and the beauty of that is…it’s a “big-ticket” item. you grab an engineer, he’ll build a bridge. you grab an engineer and team him up with an artists and they’ll make a piece of art that’s used as a bridge. cities all across the country are putting out calls to artists to help with different projects and art programs. i found a site linking hundreds of calls to artists here.

here’s a few examples of some of the interesting calls:

“NYCDOT sidewalks”

NYCDOT has put out a call to artists to help improve the appearance of barriers throughout the boroughs. images will be painted directly on the barriers to pleasantly surprise and welcome passerbys. They will also help foster more vibrant and attractive streets throughout the city. to apply or see additional info click here.

“art on wheels”

Tiage Wines, a wine importer and distributor based out of Washington and Oregon, are hosting an art competition to find 5 artists to design and paint the company’s delivery vans. the company is looking for artists to help the company express the portfolio’s specific focus in an artistic and memorable way. pretty cool way of doing some “mobile art“.

“draw me project”

this project is a little bit different than the others. the artist came up with the idea for the Draw Me Series to create an exchange amongst strangers by using the simple model of portraiture. this piece is intended to bridge those boundaries between stranger and is available to people all across the country and world. the youtube clip explains it all. what i love most about this project is that it brings out the inner artist in everyone!

now get out there and answer “the call”…too cheesy? maybe.