i give you visuals

24 Apr

finally here people! these are some of the pics from the MODALEW 1 year anniversary party at aloft hotel 4.17.10. beautiful venue, filled with beautiful people, and an overall beautiful night!

this was my first big exhibit and i appreciate everyone who came out and supported me!

the set of photos are by my photographer friend, brent gates.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

also, check out some pics of the contributory piece i did for the man behind the entire event, David A. Lewis and his company MODALEW. i think it’s safe to say he liked the piece.

these photos are courtesy greyson espirit, another amazing photographer at the event.

the original images can be found here.



One Response to “i give you visuals”

  1. photosbygates April 26, 2010 at 5:57 pm #

    Thanks for the shout out!

    Great work can not wait to see what kind of piece you come up with for me. ;)

    Zofia Falconi everyone…hit her up and get those plain walls filled with life with pieces from Zofia’s Collection! I got mine coming!

    Continue moving forward!

    -Brent D. Gates
    Photos By Gates

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