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gaga piece.

6 Mar

a dear, dear friend of mine requested a painting for her birthday…. 2 years ago. 

i finally delivered.










this was incredibly fun to paint. i’ve never really been gaga for gaga but she brought me back. & thank you to my dear friend dani, she stayed on my ass about painting her a piece. and here it finally is. 





word of advice: only make moves when your heart is fully in it.

6 Mar

it’s been a dry 2 years.

colorless. canvasless. paintless.

i drifted away from painting for one reason or another..


the more important thing here is that i fell back in, deep.

i don’t know how i went so long without painting. sitting in front of my canvas with my paint lined brushes, red water cups blanketed in splatters of paint, felt so right. i missed painting. i missed the acrylic under my nails and smeared against my arms and legs. i missed the way the paint feels against the canvas. i missed the sense of accomplishment after finishing a piece. i missed looking at something that was created from nothing. i guess it’s true.. only make moves when your heart is fully in it.

reintroducing, me.



idk if this is allowed but…

7 Apr

check my tumblr here



harvest moon & jupiter

29 Sep

it’s officially fall (yayyyy!) but here in arizona it’s still blazing hot as if it’s still summer. even though we didn’t exactly feel the season change, we did get to see something that hasn’t happened since 1991. in the early morning of September 23 the beautiful harvest moon showed itself. jupiter actually made a guest appearance as well.

asking yourself, “so what exactly is a super harvest moon”? here’s some wiki info :)

The harvest moon is the moon at or about the period of fullness that is nearest to the autumnal equinox.

When the night of the harvest moon coincides with the night of the equinox, it is called a “Super Harvest Moon.” In 2010 in the contiguous United States, the harvest moon happened in the early morning hours of Sept 23, only 5 1/2 hours after the autumnal equinox, creating the first Super Harvest Moon since 1991.

Often, the harvest moon seems to be bigger or brighter or more colorful than other full moons. The warm color of the moon shortly after it rises is caused by light from the moon passing through a greater amount of atmospheric particles than when the moon is overhead.

i captured this photo at around 5:30 am on the morning of september 23rd outside my home. you’re able to see the brightness of the moon as well as jupiter hanging out to the bottom left of the moon.  a giant cactus from my front yard sits beneath the lit up sky. it was a beautiful sight 10 years in the making. my photo was also featured on Good Morning Arizona!


blog mention

21 Jun

i just wanted to send a huge thank you to Ishea Brown Arnold for her mention of me and my work on her blog. you can find the post here. make sure you check it out!

it’s an amazing feeling to have hard work truly appreciated. thank you Ishea and to all those that support me!

here’s a little snippet from her blog:

“It’s not everyday I come across a piece of art that manages to both captivate and intrigue, leaving me yearning to know more about the piece itself and the artist behind it. Painted by the 22yo self-taught artist Zofia Falconi, “Embodied” managed to grab my attention and has yet to let go.”

-Ishea, Six Twenty Seven Blog


las vegas: artsy

5 Apr

i was in Vegas this weekend celebrating my brothers big 21st birthday. it was an amazing time. aside from the usual casinos, nightclubs, and 5 foot frozen drink glasses, i was able to actually experience some beautiful architecture and art work.

we visited Crystals in the new City Center during our visit in Vegas. the architecture inside Crystals alone is beautiful to look at. clean sharp lines, interesting angles, and of course high fashion stores fill the inside of the center. it screams sophistication and elegance. it is also home to two very interesting and cutting edge exhibits.

the Glacia exhibit greets you as you enter the center and a slight chill comes over you. Glacia is an exhibit of giant pillars made of ice that rise as tall as 15 feet. the pillars rise from a bed of water and as they rise, intricate three-dimensional patterns are whittled into the ice. the pillars are also blanketed in different hues of lights that gleam off the ice. it’s truly a beautiful sight. one of the pillars in the exhibit is close enough to touch. and yes, we came to realize the pillars were made of real ice. they were cold and smooth to the touch.

the second exhibit we came across was called Halo. just as unexpected at Glacia, Halo exhibits tilted water vortices. this exhibit we were able to walk thru and even stand on. Halo is a maze of spinning and twisting water that seem to resemble tornados and twisters. standing next to one of the water vortices without getting wet was and interesting experience. the water would begin to spin into a vortex from the bottom and stretch to the very top of the container. eventually the vortex would ‘kill’ itself and take on a new shape. this exhibit added motion throughout the center and both exhibits were able to push the boundaries of natural elements–all while being indoors.

these exhibits were created and designed my a company called Wet Design. this is the company that also did the amazing water show outside the Belagio, the Volcano show at the Mirage, among many other water creations across the world.

“if there is magic in this planet, it is contained in water.” -Loren Eiseley


1 year M.O.D.A.L.E.W anniversary launch party

1 Apr

hello beautiful people! i have a very exciting announcement i’d like to share with you all.

i will be exhibiting and selling my art work at the M.O.D.A.L.E.W. ERA Launch Party Saturday April 17th. i am very excited for this event and to have the chance to share my work with you all. this event will be a fantastic time and I hope to see everyone there. i want to say thank you very much to Mr. David Lewis for this chance and opportunity. “Let’s work!” you can catch his work here. additional information about the event is located below. and please make sure you RSVP with full names of all attendees to come out and support me, zofosho! see you there! if you have any questions at all contact me at

M.O.D.A.L.E.W. ERA Launch Party
The 1 year Anniversary
A Fashionable Saturday on the 17th of April 2010
at the ALoft Hotel

Time: 9:00pm-2:00am
Music provided by: DJ John Blaze & Dj Fusion

Free 21+ event
Dress code:
Strictly high fashionable semi-formal attire

Fashionable Hairstyling Tips
Styling Tips by Toni & Guy

RSVP Required:


Red Bull
Bobby Fresh
Aloft Hotel
The Gelato Spot
The Beat Brokers

Toni & Guy

The painter Zofia Falconi



bartlett lake

21 Mar

for spring break i went to bartlett lake. about a hour drive from phoenix. the lake actually wasn’t packed with people. there were different coves that resembled a beach where we layed out our towels and bronzed in the sun. we packed a lunch and brought some tunes of course. driving to and from the cove, wildflowers blanketed the side of the highway. there are safety pullouts where drivers can stop to photograph the flowers (we spotted several professional looking cameras and even saw a mini photoshoot on the side of the highway). i captured the above images with my beloved cannon digy.

disclaimer: beware of cacti. i stepped on one and it was not pleasant. ouch.