silent auction & phx fashion week

4 Oct

phoenix fashion week is upon us!! fashion week will be in the valley from october 7th through the 9th.

phoenix fashion week presents: fashionably pink celebrity runway show.

this show benefits the susan g. komen for the cure foundation. the featured designers will each provide one outfit inspired by the color pink and will be worn by breast cancer survivors and celebrities, with a silent auction of pink products as donations. i was invited to be a donor for the auction and donated one of my favorite pieces, ‘belly button’ to the silent auction.

where: W Scottsdale Hotel

when: Thursday, October 7th @ 7:30pm

details: purchase tickets here.

come see my piece at fashionably pink this thursday!

it’s all for an amazing cause! save the tatas!



newest custom art

29 Sep

i had the great privelegde in working with ishea brown arnold in my newest art piece. the piece was so much fun to make and had so much sentimental value to her. check out more info about the inspiration piece on ishea’s site here.


harvest moon & jupiter

29 Sep

it’s officially fall (yayyyy!) but here in arizona it’s still blazing hot as if it’s still summer. even though we didn’t exactly feel the season change, we did get to see something that hasn’t happened since 1991. in the early morning of September 23 the beautiful harvest moon showed itself. jupiter actually made a guest appearance as well.

asking yourself, “so what exactly is a super harvest moon”? here’s some wiki info :)

The harvest moon is the moon at or about the period of fullness that is nearest to the autumnal equinox.

When the night of the harvest moon coincides with the night of the equinox, it is called a “Super Harvest Moon.” In 2010 in the contiguous United States, the harvest moon happened in the early morning hours of Sept 23, only 5 1/2 hours after the autumnal equinox, creating the first Super Harvest Moon since 1991.

Often, the harvest moon seems to be bigger or brighter or more colorful than other full moons. The warm color of the moon shortly after it rises is caused by light from the moon passing through a greater amount of atmospheric particles than when the moon is overhead.

i captured this photo at around 5:30 am on the morning of september 23rd outside my home. you’re able to see the brightness of the moon as well as jupiter hanging out to the bottom left of the moon.  a giant cactus from my front yard sits beneath the lit up sky. it was a beautiful sight 10 years in the making. my photo was also featured on Good Morning Arizona!


winston chmielinski

4 Aug

stumbled upon an amazing artist today via Booooooom.

the artist is winston chmielinski

check out some of his work. his mixture of colors, shadows, and brush strokes are unbelievable.  i absolutely love, love, love this artist!

“Once in a while I’ll come upon something and believe it to be everything; and then I’ll run off, sweeping aside with one hand and grasping greedily with th’other. I’ve lost time, I know, because I’ve redoubled upon the mangled parts of once-everythings.”



pieces to date

1 Jul


blog mention

21 Jun

i just wanted to send a huge thank you to Ishea Brown Arnold for her mention of me and my work on her blog. you can find the post here. make sure you check it out!

it’s an amazing feeling to have hard work truly appreciated. thank you Ishea and to all those that support me!

here’s a little snippet from her blog:

“It’s not everyday I come across a piece of art that manages to both captivate and intrigue, leaving me yearning to know more about the piece itself and the artist behind it. Painted by the 22yo self-taught artist Zofia Falconi, “Embodied” managed to grab my attention and has yet to let go.”

-Ishea, Six Twenty Seven Blog


“belly button”

13 Jun

“belly button”

30×24 gallery wrapped canvas, acrylic paint


“city lights”

13 Jun

“city lights”

24×48 gallery wrapped canvas, acrylic on canvas