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getting old

21 Feb

interesting conversation tonight between my 22 year old Janie and my 22 year old self. apparently I’m getting old. countdown to 23 = 7 months. ay yi yi.


<3 zo

posted via my Blackberry Bold



4 Feb

i’m addicted to my blackberry. have you ever had that problem when you are texting somebody about a random topic and you get a text from them and you’re sitting there reading the text and wondering to yourself, “are they being serious right now? I mean they didn’t text a smiley or a ‘lol’ i think they might be upset/angry/offended.” that’s why i love blackberry….with the touch of a button i can show my fellow texter exactly how i’m feeling with this lovely selection of smileys. no need to fear, blackberry is here!

fyi: this post came directly from my blackberry 9700 :D


❥ zo