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vday gift ideas for your hunnie. <3

10 Jan

valentines day is right around the corner. get your special valentine something completely out of the ordinary with a painting by yours truly.

afterall, beauty is art and art is beauty.

“chasing shadows” [pictured above] as well as all other paintings listed on my blog are for sale. have a special image in mind you’d like to see in paint? i do custom paintings too! contact me @ artbyzofia@gmail.com



2nd thursdays @ aloft

20 May

thank you to the ladies of Icon Status Entertainment for a great night at Aloft!

this was my second showing and it wasn very exciting because i sold my first painting! many more to come! thank you everyone for all the continued support!

also, big thanks to brent gates for photographing the event.

keep moving forward.


i give you visuals

24 Apr

finally here people! these are some of the pics from the MODALEW 1 year anniversary party at aloft hotel 4.17.10. beautiful venue, filled with beautiful people, and an overall beautiful night!

this was my first big exhibit and i appreciate everyone who came out and supported me!

the set of photos are by my photographer friend, brent gates.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

also, check out some pics of the contributory piece i did for the man behind the entire event, David A. Lewis and his company MODALEW. i think it’s safe to say he liked the piece.

these photos are courtesy greyson espirit, another amazing photographer at the event.

the original images can be found here.


getting old

21 Feb

interesting conversation tonight between my 22 year old Janie and my 22 year old self. apparently I’m getting old. countdown to 23 = 7 months. ay yi yi.


<3 zo

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21 Feb

what made you want to become an artist??

for me, it wasn’t so much wanting to ‘become’ an artist as it was being ‘born’ an artist. when i was little i would always color with my giant box of crayons. [i thought it was genius when they came out with the sharpener in the back of the box]. i painted clothing on my barbies and created my own ‘wallpaper’ in my room. i started painting pictures of mermaids before i knew how to write my name. [i loved the little mermaid].

where do you find your inspiration??

my eyes are drawn to all kinds of things. i think it’s all about how you look at things too. i think it was programmed into me at birth to look at things differently. experimenting is huge too. messing with different color pallets and objects to paint sparks ideas for other pieces. i was opening a bottle of paint awhile back and couldn’t take the seal off with my hands. i tried to rip the seal off with my teeth and got some paint on my lip…inspiration piece…close up of lips with paint dripping off them. symbolizes how painting ‘quenches’ whatever need i have at the time. [this piece is a work in progress]

how would you like people to describe your art?

i want people to look at my art and enjoy it. i don’t want someone to look at my art and feel confused or feel that it’s ‘complex’ and not understand it. i like to bring a different light to the objects i paint. i paint things people know. it just depends what ‘light’ you’re viewing them in. the thing with art, though, is that it can be interpreted in so many different ways. it won’t work if i tell you how i want you to see my art. ask 10 different people to describe my art and you’ll get 10 different descriptions. my hope is for my audience to enjoy my art and walk away remembering it.

what are your 5 most significant accomplishments in your life so far?

1) graduating high school with honors

2) travelling europe and south america

3) falling hard, and picking myself up again

4) finding painting again

5) being a good person and meeting some pretty amazing people in my life

on my nightstand you’ll find…

iHome, candle, fresh flowers, nail polish, piggy bank, pens, perfume, lamp, bamboo, water, watch, rosary

the fictional character i’m most like is…

some responses i got from some friends of mine: jasmine [aladdin], betty boop, sleeping beauty, wonder woman, dorothy [wizard of oz], and an hour glass??

these questions were derived from my ARA 394 class and [partially] done as an assignment.


❥ zo

janie’s got a gun [camera]

5 Feb

i have this friend, her name is janie. (you know, like ‘janie’s got a gun’). anyway i love her to death. she is an amazing girl and we pretty much live in each others heads. if you’re thinking, “that’s crazy,” i’m thinking, “you’re right” but that’s just how we are. she’s also is an amazing photographer. you can find her on twitter.

us girls, we got to stick together. strong, powerful, creative, beautiful.

can’t bring us down.


❥ zo