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word of advice: only make moves when your heart is fully in it.

6 Mar

it’s been a dry 2 years.

colorless. canvasless. paintless.

i drifted away from painting for one reason or another..


the more important thing here is that i fell back in, deep.

i don’t know how i went so long without painting. sitting in front of my canvas with my paint lined brushes, red water cups blanketed in splatters of paint, felt so right. i missed painting. i missed the acrylic under my nails and smeared against my arms and legs. i missed the way the paint feels against the canvas. i missed the sense of accomplishment after finishing a piece. i missed looking at something that was created from nothing. i guess it’s true.. only make moves when your heart is fully in it.

reintroducing, me.




vday gift ideas for your hunnie. <3

10 Jan

valentines day is right around the corner. get your special valentine something completely out of the ordinary with a painting by yours truly.

afterall, beauty is art and art is beauty.

“chasing shadows” [pictured above] as well as all other paintings listed on my blog are for sale. have a special image in mind you’d like to see in paint? i do custom paintings too! contact me @ artbyzofia@gmail.com


newest custom art

29 Sep

i had the great privelegde in working with ishea brown arnold in my newest art piece. the piece was so much fun to make and had so much sentimental value to her. check out more info about the inspiration piece on ishea’s site here.


pieces to date

1 Jul



4 Feb

i’m addicted to my blackberry. have you ever had that problem when you are texting somebody about a random topic and you get a text from them and you’re sitting there reading the text and wondering to yourself, “are they being serious right now? I mean they didn’t text a smiley or a ‘lol’ i think they might be upset/angry/offended.” that’s why i love blackberry….with the touch of a button i can show my fellow texter exactly how i’m feeling with this lovely selection of smileys. no need to fear, blackberry is here!

fyi: this post came directly from my blackberry 9700 :D


❥ zo

2 Feb

“The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic than to love others.”

-Vincent Van Gogh