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winston chmielinski

4 Aug

stumbled upon an amazing artist today via Booooooom.

the artist is winston chmielinski

check out some of his work. his mixture of colors, shadows, and brush strokes are unbelievable.  i absolutely love, love, love this artist!

“Once in a while I’ll come upon something and believe it to be everything; and then I’ll run off, sweeping aside with one hand and grasping greedily with th’other. I’ve lost time, I know, because I’ve redoubled upon the mangled parts of once-everythings.”




pieces to date

1 Jul


blog mention

21 Jun

i just wanted to send a huge thank you to Ishea Brown Arnold for her mention of me and my work on her blog. you can find the post here. make sure you check it out!

it’s an amazing feeling to have hard work truly appreciated. thank you Ishea and to all those that support me!

here’s a little snippet from her blog:

“It’s not everyday I come across a piece of art that manages to both captivate and intrigue, leaving me yearning to know more about the piece itself and the artist behind it. Painted by the 22yo self-taught artist Zofia Falconi, “Embodied” managed to grab my attention and has yet to let go.”

-Ishea, Six Twenty Seven Blog