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gaga piece.

6 Mar

a dear, dear friend of mine requested a painting for her birthday…. 2 years ago. 

i finally delivered.










this was incredibly fun to paint. i’ve never really been gaga for gaga but she brought me back. & thank you to my dear friend dani, she stayed on my ass about painting her a piece. and here it finally is. 





word of advice: only make moves when your heart is fully in it.

6 Mar

it’s been a dry 2 years.

colorless. canvasless. paintless.

i drifted away from painting for one reason or another..


the more important thing here is that i fell back in, deep.

i don’t know how i went so long without painting. sitting in front of my canvas with my paint lined brushes, red water cups blanketed in splatters of paint, felt so right. i missed painting. i missed the acrylic under my nails and smeared against my arms and legs. i missed the way the paint feels against the canvas. i missed the sense of accomplishment after finishing a piece. i missed looking at something that was created from nothing. i guess it’s true.. only make moves when your heart is fully in it.

reintroducing, me.



say no. see no. hear no.

5 Jan

the 3 wise women

3 piece 11 x 9” gallery wrapped canvas in acrylic paint.


“the wise are quiet because they’re convinced. The fools are loud because they’re trying to convince themselves”


“we wonder how people can’t see the most obvious things about themselves, yet we forget those people are us” ~ ezra bayda




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1 Jul


conscience is a [wo]man’s compass

1 Feb

hi! welcome to my blog and thank you, thank you for visiting! you’re probably wondering exactly what my blog is going to be about. cool. me too! this is going to be an ongoing process for me (a journey even) through my life, my world, my universe and i’ll be sharing (most of it) with you. : )

a couple things about me for starters:

i’m a painter. i love the arts.

i also sketch.

i love fashion and music. i think fashion and music go together like a lamb and tuna fish…maybe you like spaghetti and meatball? you more comfortable with that analogy? (via the movie Big Daddy). here’s what i mean.

so please feel free to comment on anything you see here or ask me anything you like…i don’t bite. plus, i’m new to this so no worries. lets go!!


❥ zo