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pita jungle

3 Feb

i just got home from sylvia’s birthday extravaganza. we started the night with dinner at one of my all time fav places to eat–pita jungle! one of the greatest things about pita jungle (other than the amazing food) is the art you get to gawk at while you eat. the restaurant features art from local arizona artists and is constantly decorating it’s walls with new art.

we ate at the tempe, az location which featured work by artists Don Will.

his work was surrounding a central idea but consisted of very different styles. looking at the art, i would have thought the paintings were by different artists.

you can check his additional paintings out at the tempe location or visit any other pita jungle to view other artists’ work.

If you are an artist interested in showing at Pita Jungle please send an email to art@pitajungle.com


❥ zo